TES-1600 Insulation Tester

  • 2000M W /1000V, 200M W /500V, 200M W /250V
  • Power lock for 3 minutes (Auto power off)
  • Auto-Zero adjustment
  • Data-Hold-Function
AC Voltage
Range 750V
Resolution 1V
Accuracy 0.8% rdg + 3 dgts
Input Impedance 10M W
Overload Protection 1100VDC & 800VAC
Range 200 W
Resolution 0.1 W
Accuracy 1% rdg + 2 dgts
Max open circuit voltage 3.3V
Overload protection 500V DC/AC
Range 200M W /250V, 200M W /500V, 2000M W /1000V
Resolution 0.1M W
Accuracy 3% rdg + 3 dgts
Terminal Voltage 250V ~ 1000V +/- 10%
Output short circuit current 0.4mA/0.9mA/1.7mA max
Operating/Storage Condition 0 o C to 40 o C < 80% R.H.
-10 o C to 60 o C < 70% R. H.
Continuity Beeper
Resolution 0.1 W
Operation resistance < 100 W
Max open circuit voltage 3.3V
Overload protectio 500V DC/AC
General Specification
Power Source 6pcs ˇ§AAˇ¨ 1.5V batteries
Display 3 1/2 digit, 0.65" LCD
Sampling Rate 2.5 times/sec
Size & Weight 165mm(L)x100mm(W)x57mm(H)
Weight 500g
Accessories Carrying Case, Test Lead, Battery & Instruction Manual


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