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Cleanroom Inspection

NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) establishes and maintains standards, procedures, and specifications for work in cleanroom, which include: Airflow velocity and uniformity test, Airborne particle count cleanliness classification test, Lighting level and uniformity test, Sound level test, General temperature and moisture uniformity test, Electrostatic tests, Conductivity tests, Electromagnetic interference (EMI) test.


TES Electrical Electronic Corp provides serveral kinds of instruments to test those items for cleanroom inspection. 

CleanlinessClassifing the Particle number (ISO class 14644-1 1999)


Air Flow Make sure the function of FFU or RCU.


Temperature and humidityMeasuring the temperature and humidity in the cleanroom,and recording the data within 20hrs.


IlluminanceMeasuring the illuminance in the cleanroom at 76cm height and in 100hrs after turning on the light.


NoiseRecording the max SPL between the frequency from 63 to 8K Hz.