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Solar Power Meter (Datalogging)

Solar Power Meter (Datalogging)

  • Light Transmittance of window film detection
  • Wide spectral range.
  • Excellent long term stability.
  • Cosine corrected.
  • Automatic transmission measurements.
  • Select either power or transmission.
  • Solar energy measurement.
  • User calibration factor setting function.
  • Select either W/m2 or Btu / (ft2 x h) units.
  • Data Hold/MAX/MIN/AVG modes.
  • Auto Data Memory function. (microSD CARD)
  • Data Memory and Read function. (99 sets)
  • Software and USB interface to PC.
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Solar Power Meter

Solar Power Meter

  • Light Transmittance of window film detection
  • Wide spectral range.
  • Excellent long term stability.
  • Cosine corrected.
  • Automatic transmission measurements.
  • Select either power or transmission.
  • Solar energy measurement.
  • Current time setting function.
  • User calibration factor setting function.
  • End-mount light sensor.
  • Select either W/m2 or Btu / (ft2 x h) units.
  • Data Hold/MAX/MIN/AVG modes.
  • Data Memory and Read function. (99 sets)
  • Auto Data Memory and RS232 interface to PC. (TES-1333R)
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PV Analyzer
PROVA-200A /PROVA-210 / PROVA-218

PV Analyzer

  • I-V curve test for solar panel/module
  • Max. solar panel power (Pmax) search by auto-scan:
    PROVA 200A: 60V, 6A (180W capability)
    PROVA 210: 60V, 12A (500W capability)
    PROVA 218: 85V, 8.5A (500W capability)
  • Best resolution for PROVA 200A: 1mV, 0.1mA
  • Best resolution for PROVA 210/218: 1mV, 1mA
  • Manual single point I-V test
  • Max. voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax
  • Max. current (Imaxp) at Pmax
  • Voltage at open circuit (Vopen)
  • Current at short circuit (Ishort)
  • I-V curve with cursor to display each data point
  • Efficiency (%) calculation of solar panel
  • Solar panel area setting: 0.001 m2 ~ 9999 m2
  • Standard light source setting: 10 W/m2 ~ 1000 W/m2
  • Communicate with PC via USB cable
  • Min. power setting for alarm function
  • Built-in calendar clock
  • Built-in battery charging circuit
  • Rechargeable lithium battery and AC power adaptor
  • Memory size: 100 records
  • Sampling time of data logging for PROVA 210/218: 0 ~ 99 min.
  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Application:
    Quality control in the production line, warehouse, or site of installation.
    Identify the solar power system requirement.
    Maintenance of solar panels.
    Verify the best installation angle of solar panels
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Thermo / Hygro / Barometer
TES-1160A / TES-1161

Thermo / Hygro / Barometer

  • Triple LCD displays Barometric pressure, Temperature, and Relative humidity.
  • Dew point and Wet bulb temperature reading.
  • Absolute humidity, Mixing ratio and Enthalpy reading.
  • Water vapor pressure and Water saturation pressure reading.
  • Pressure trend and tendency (P3h) reading.
  • Heat Index and Humidex reading.
  • MAX/MIN with Time Stamp.
  • Comparator function.
  • Alarm output function.
  • Auto power off function.
  • Data Hold function.
  • LCD backlight control function.
  • Manual data memory and read function.
  • Auto data logger function. (1161)
  • USB Interface. (1161)
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  • 10 Display Easy - to - View LCD Screen.
  • Connectors for 4 Current Sensing Clamps.
  • 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W2M, 3P3W3M & 3P4W Power Measurement.
  • True RMS Sensing.
  • Power KW, KVAR, KVA, PF,θ,Hz, &
    Energy KWh, KVARh & KVAh Measurement.
  • Phase sequency indicator function.
  • Backlight display function.
  • Manual Data Memory and Read (50 sets).
  • Data Logging
  • USB Optical Interface with three phase voltage /
    current Waveform display and Harmonic analysis.
  • Easy - to - use Push - Button Operation.
  • Light Weight, Portable Design.
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Power and Harmonics Analyzer

Power and Harmonics Analyzer

  • Power Analysis for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, 1P3W
  • True RMS value (V123 and I123)
  • Active Power (W, KW, MW, GW)
  • Apparent and Reactive Power (KVA, KVAR)
  • Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle (Φ)
  • Energy (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH)
  • AC Current (0.04A to 6000A) and Voltage measurement: True RMS, Auto Range.
  • Capable of analyzing IT standby power consumption to the maximum demand of a factory
  • Display of 35 Parameters in One Screen (3P4W)
  • Programmable CT (1 to 600) and PT (1 to 3000) Ratios
  • Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform
  • Average Demand (AD in W, KW, MW)
  • Maximum Demand (MD in KW, MW, KVA, MVA) with Programmable Period
  • Harmonic Analysis to the 99th Order
  • Display of 50 Harmonics in one Screen with Waveform
  • Display of Waveform with Peak Values (1024 Samples / Period)
  • Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-F)
  • Graphic Phasor Diagram with 3 Phase System Parameters
  • Capture 28 Transient Events (Time + Cycles) with Programmable Threshold (%)
  • DIP, SWELL, and OUTAGE are included in transient events.
  • 3 Phase Voltage or Current Unbalance Ratio (VUR, IUR)
  • 3 Phase Voltage or Current Unbalance Factor (d0%, d2%)
  • Calculated Unbalanced Current through Neutral Line (In)
  • 512K Memory with Programmable Interval (Sampling time from 2 to 3000 seconds, 17,000 records for 3P4W system)
  • Output of Waveform, Power Parameters and Harmonics at Command
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display with Backlight
  • Software to work with PC via Optical Isolated RS-232C to USB Interface
  • Built-in timer and calendar for data logging
  • Conductor Size:
    ■ Model 6801 (100A)
    30mm(approx),210mm(L) x 62mm(W) x 36mm(H),200g(Weight)
    ■ Model 6802 (1000A)
    55mm(approx),64*24mm(bus bar)
    244mm (L) x 97mm(W) x 46mm(H),600g(Weight)
    ■ Model 3007 (3000A)
    24in/610mm(Probe Length)
    130mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 43mm(H),410g(Weight)
    ■ Model 3009 (1200A)
    18in/460mm(Probe Length)
    130mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 43mm(H),390g(Weight)
    ■ Model 3006(6000A)
    130mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 43mm(H),430g(Weight)
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Clamp Meter/Trms Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter/Trms Clamp Meter

  • Variable-frequency drives (VFD) V & Hz measurement.
  • LoZ voltage measurement to drain ghost voltages.
  • Check 3Φ phase sequence.
  • Motor Inrush current measurement.
  • True RMS reading on AC and DC+AC mode. (3901)
  • uA measurement for HVAC flame sensors. (3901)
  • mV measurement range to interface with other accessories. (3901)
  • Crest Factor (C-F) & Harmonic Ratio (H-R) measurement. (3901)
  • Backlight LCD display . (3901)
  • Data hold, Auto hold & Peak hold mode.
  • Max/Min record mode.
  • Data memory & read function

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Heat Stress Monitor

Heat Stress Monitor

  • Datalogging area thermal environment monitor.
  • Quick WBGT measurement for assessing
    environmental heat stress.
  • Air velocity measurement.
  • Maximum / Minimum recording reading.
  • Auto datalogging.
  • Manual Data Memory Capacity.
  • Data hold function.
  • Auto power off.
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Weather Station

Weather Station

  • Direct reading data via the meter, don't need via PC.
  • Wind direction, Wind speed, Barometric pressure, Humidity and Temperature
  • Wind rose plot
  • Data hold & Maximum/Minimum/Average function
  • Manual data memory and read function: 99 sets
  • Auto data memory: microSD card
  • USB interface

  • Safe detection of wind direction and speed of paragliders, hot air balloons, sailboats, and the environment
  • UAV, model aircraft take-off and landing, wind direction, wind speed observation
  • Wind direction and wind speed information for large racing fields, archery fields and shooting ranges
  • Wind direction and wind speed information of noise pollution
  • Wind direction and wind speed information of air pollution
  • Determination of wind direction and wind speed of agricultural spraying chemicals
  • Determination of fire brigade outdoor fire, extinguishing, wind direction and wind speed
  • Wind direction and wind speed information when setting the construction industry hoist and port hoist
  • Management and control of cold damage in aquaculture
  • Environmental assessment of wind power installations
  • Agriculture, airports, construction, environmental monitoring
  • Marine and Harbour applications

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CO2 METER+ Temp./RH%

CO2 METER+ Temp./RH%

  • Lithium battery can continuously measure for more than 8 hours.
  • CO2: 0 ~ 6,000 ppm range, Diffusion sampling mode
  • Three LCD Display for CO2 , %RH Humidity and
    Air Temperature
  • Maintenance free dual wavelength NDIR infrared
    CO2 sensor (non-dispersive infrared)
  • Continuous or manual data logging (16,000 sets)
  • Data hold & Maximum / Minimum with Time stamp
  • Data Memory and READ function
  • Alarm and Time setting
  • USB function / Software
  • Backlight display function
  • Use rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • Simple and safe to use
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Particle Mass Counter

Particle Mass Counter

  • Particle mass & particle counter in a single handheld unit.
  • Six mass ranges and eight particle sizes.
  • User K-factors setting for special particulate with different densities.
  • Integrated temperature / humidity sensor (no need for external add-on).
  • Flow rate 2.83 L / minute (0.1 CF / minute).
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous operation (charge time 2.5 hours).
  • Buffer function allows storing and redisplay of up to 500 measurement data sets.
  • SD storage device.
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PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor (read directly)
TES-5321A / TES-5322A

PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor (read directly)

  • Simple tool for air dust measurements (indoor)
  • Direct reading field air pollution degree
    No need for mobile phones to download data from cloud, no Internet Traffic problem,Easy use battery or AC adaptor to power the meter
  • Accurate Temperature and Humidity measurements
  • Mixed-gas VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) measurements,with high sensitivity to H2, C2H5OH,C4H10 and CH4 gas(TES-5322A)
  • PM2.5 MAX/MIN with time stamp function
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Health index(0-9) detection and alarm , six-color LED indication air quality index category

  • Provide people with safety and health indoor environment
  • Portable to monitor any environment air quality
  • Investigate the effectiveness of different strategies to reduce particulates
  • Air quality investigations
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Specification changes subject without notice.