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ElectroSmog Meter

Product Features
  • Frequency range 10MHz to 8.0GHz.
  • 3 axis isotropic measurements of EMF.
  • Non-directional (isotropic) measurement with
    three-channel measurement probe.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Configurable alarm threshold and memory function.
  • Easy & safety to use.
ElectroSmog Meter


Sensor type

Electric field (E).


Frequency range

10MHz to 8GHz


Directional characteristic

Isotropic, 3-dimensional.


Measurement range

(CW signal > 50MHz)

20mV/m to 108.0V/m ,

53μA/m to 286.4mA/m ,

W/m²  to 30.93W/m² ,

W/cm²  to 3.093mW/cm²


Dynamic range

Typical 75dB


Absolute error
(@1V/m and 50MHz)



Frequency response (taking into account typ. CAL factor)

±1.0dB (10MHz to 1.9GHz)

±2.4dB (1.9GHz to 8GHz)


Isotropy deviation

Typ. ±1.0dB for f >10MHz


Overload limit

10.61mW/cm² (200V/m)


Temperature response 
(0 to 50





Measurement method

Digital, triaxial measurement

Directional characteristic

Isotropic, triaxial

Measurement range selection

One continuous range

Display resolution

0.1mV/m, 0.1μA/m, 0.1μW/m², 0.001μW/cm²

Setting time

Typically 1s (0 to 90% of meas. value)

Display refresh rate

Typically 0.5 seconds

Display type

LCD 4 digit

Audible alarm


Measurement units

mV/m, V/m, μA/m, mA/m, μW/m², mW/m², W/m², μW/cm², mW/cm²

Measurement display value

Instantaneous measured value, maximum value, average value, or maximum average value.

Measurement alarm function

Adjustable threshold with ON/OFF

Measurement calibration factor CAL


Manual data memory and read storage

99 sets (only recall by meter)


9V Alkaline Battery

Battery life

>3 hours


Approx. 67(W) x 60(T) x 247 (L)mm

Weight (including battery)

Approx. 260g



qHigh frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave
   field strength measurement.

q Mobil phone base station antenna radiation
   power density measurement.

q Wireless communication applications
    (CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT).

qRF power measurement for transmitters.

qWireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation.

q Spy camera, wireless bug finder.

q Cellular/Cordless phone radiation safety level.

q Microwave oven leakage detection.

q Personal living environment EMF safety.