Humidity Temperature Meter/Barometric pressure

TES-1364 / TES-1365

Humidity Temperature Meter

Product Features
  • Detachable sensing probe.
  • Dual LCD display with Bargraph indication.
  • Dew Point Reading.
  • Wet bulb Reading.
  • MAX/MIN with Time Stamp.
  • Data Hold
  • Relative function. (TES-1364)
  • Datalogging capacity 15,000 dual reading. (%RH & Temp). (TES-1365)
  • USB interface & windows software.
  • Automatic Timer Recording for Datalogger. (TES-1365)
Humidity Temperature Meter


Measuring Range

Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)

Humidity    : 10%RH ~ 95%RH




Humidity: ±3%RH (at 25°C, 20 to 80% RH)

±4%RH (at 25°C, 10 to 20% RH and 80 to 90% RH).

±5%RH (at 25°C, 0 to 10% RH and 90 to 100% RH).

Temperature: ±0.4°C(at +5°C to +60°C)

±0.8°C(at -20°C to 5°C and +60°C to +80°C)

±0.8°F(at +41°F to +140°F)

±1.6°F(at -4°F to 41°F and +140°F to +176°F)


Manual recording: 99 data sets. (Direct reading from LCD display.)

Continue recorder: 15,000 data sets. (Automatic timer recording, USB interface/software.) (TES-1365)

Input Protection

60V DC or 24 Vrms AC maximum input voltage on any Combination of input Connector.

Sampling Rate

2 time per second

Operating Conditions

0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ 140°F) & 10 ~ 80% RH

Power Source

6 pcs size “AAA” Batteries.

Battery Life

Approx. 160 hours.

Size & Weight

150(L)×72(W)×35(H)mm & Approx. 235g


1. Instruction manual, Battery.

2. RS-232 to USB optical cable & Software. (TES-1365)

3. AC adaptor (Optional).