Flow, Wind Direction Anemometer / Tachometer

Metal Vane Anemometer
TES-3145 / TES-3145U

Metal Vane Anemometer

Product Features
  • Accuracy 1% m/s
  • Air flow volume
  • Instant/Avg/2/3 V max flow measurement
  • Velocity m/s, f t/min
  • Temperature, Humidity & Atmospheric measurement
  • Calculate Dew point temperature, Wet bulb
    temperature, Wind chill temperature, Humidex
    temperature and Heat index temperature.
  • LCD backlight function.
  • Data hold & Maximum/Minimum/Average function
  • Manual data memory and read function: 99 sets
  • Auto data memory: 4GB microSD card (3145U)
  • USB interface (3145U)


Triple display, 4 digit LCD reading

Air Velocity

Range: 0.4 to 30 m/s

Resolution: 0.01 m/s

Accuracy: ±(1%rdg±1digits)

Volumetric Flow Rate

Range: Actual range is a function of actual velocity, pressure, duct size


Range: -35 to 80°C

Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)

Accuracy: ±0.25°C (at 5 to 65°C)

   ±0.4°C (at -35 to 5°C and 65 to 80°C)

   ±0.5°F (at +41°F to 149°F)

   ±0.8°F (at -31°F to 41°F and +149°F to +176°F)

Relative Humidity

Range: 0 to 100%RH

Resolution: 0.1%RH

Accuracy: ±2%RH (at 10 to 80%RH)

   ±3%RH (at 0 to 10%RH and 80 to 100%RH)

Atmospheric Pressure

Range: 300 to 1200hPa

Resolution: 0.1hPa

Accuracy:±2hPa (at 25°C), ±4hPa (at -20 to 85°C)

Warm up Time

< 1 minute

Response Time

Velocity: < 2 seconds

Humidity: t63% < 10s (from 33 to 75%RH)

Temperature: t63% < 10s (from 15°C to 45°C)

Operating Conditions

0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~ 122°F), ≤ 80%RH

Power Source

4 pcs 1.5V size AA Battery

Battery Life

Approx. 10 hours

Size & Weight

169(L)×78(W)×40 (H)mm / Approx. 460g


Instruction manual, Battery, Carrying case, CD Software (3145U),USB Cable (3145U)