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Programmable DC Power Supply

Programmable DC Power Supply

  • 40VDC/5ADC wide range output.
  • Switching technology, analog quality.
  • 1+2 output 200W.
  • 1 programmable output (0-40V/0-5A), 2 fixed outputs (5V/2A and 3.3V/3A).
  • High resolution (1mV, 1mA), high stability and low drift.
  • Low noise and ripple (3mVrms and 3mArms)
  • Over voltage protection (OVP), and over current protection (OCP).
  • OCP with programmable timer (0.01 – 600 seconds).
  • 200 sets of memory (V, A,SECONDS).
  • Easy RECALL and STORE functions.
  • Auto-Step function with programmable interval.
  • Dual sets of output terminals enable monitoring output voltage during operation.
  • Built-in buzzer alarm.
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