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Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
PROVA 1660

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Product Features
  • Measurements of 1Φand 3ΦTransformer/VT/CT Turns Ratio.
  • VT/PT ratio 0.8~10000, CT ratio 0.8~2000.
  • Graphical and Literal Illustration of Measurements and Connections with Large Back-lighted Dot Matrix 240 x 128 LCD. Display Test Data with Nameplate Transformer Values for Easy Interpretation.
  • Ten Test Frequencies (50~400Hz).
  • Display Turns Ratio, Deviation, Secondary Output, Excitation Voltage and Current, Phase Angle and Nameplate Transformer/VT/CT Values in one page for easy transformer quality interpretation.
  • Check for Live Test Points, Short Circuit, Open Circuit, and Reverse Polarity before Each Measurement. Message is displayed to Warn Users (But, checking is not performed once measurement starts).
  • Store 4096 Files of Transformer Nameplate Values (VT/PT/CT, 1Φ/3Φ, Test Frequency, Primary and Secondary Voltages or Ratio, RCF) and Measuring Data.
  • 9 types of 3Φ Windings Connections pre-installed for easy user selection.
  • Wireless Blue Tooth Communication with PC.
  • Select Filter to Remove Field Noise (Slow, Normal, Fast).
  • Disable or Enable Auto-Power-Off with Programmable Time.
  • Built-in calendar clock. Records with Date and Time Stamp.
  • Powerful Lithium Battery (3400mAH) with built-in Charging Circuit.
  • User Programmable RCF (Reference Correction Factor, 0.99~1.01) to Correct Accuracy within 1% Error.
  • Friendly File System for Easy On-site Data Retrieval and Nameplate Values Management.
  • PC Application Software included.

 Electrical Specifications:  

Reference Conditions23± 5 (30 to 50% RH) range.

 Add 25ppm/ for 0° to 18 and 28° to 50 to all accuracy specifications.

 No external electrical or magnetic fields.

Output current 150 mA for VT/PT and 50mA for CT.  Calibration cycle is 1 year. 

Ratio Range (VT/PT)

Autoranging0.8000 to 100001

Accuracy (70Hz)

Ratio Range

Accuracy (% of Reading)

0.8000 ~ 999.99

± 0.1%

1000.0 ~ 4999.9

± 0.2%

5000.0 ~ 10000

± 0.25%

Ratio Range (CT)

Autoranging0.8000 to 2000.0

Accuracy (70Hz)

Ratio Range

Accuracy (% of Reading)

0.8000 to 2000.0

± 0.5%

Excitation Signal

VT/PT Mode34Vrms max                 

       CT ModeAuto Level 0 to1A, 0.1 to 20Vrms

Excitation Current     


                       Range0 to 1000mA                          

               Accuracy:±(2% of Reading +2mA)

Excitation Frequency (Hz)

50, 55, 60, 70, 100, 120, 200, 240, 300, 400


5” Large dot matrix LCD display (240*128) with backlight

Power Source

Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 3400mAh

Battery Life

Over 10 hrs of continuous operation. Battery life (%) indication

Battery Charger

Universal input (90 to 264Vrms input)

Charging Time

4 hrs

Data Storage

4096 Files Each (VTM, CTM, VTR, CTR, BMP)

Date/ Time

Battery-backed, Real-time Calendar clock

Measurement Method

ANSI / IEEE C57.12.90 and IEC 600076.1

Operation Environment

5°C ~ 50°C, 85% RH

Storage Environment

-20°C ~ 60°C, 75% RH


1. Test leads (set of 2) 

2. Alligator clips (4pcs.) 

3. Rechargeable lithium battery 

4. User manual 

5. AC adaptor 

6. Power cord 

7. Software CD & Manual

8. Carrying bag