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  • Large LCD Display、Easy to use
  • Check the color difference between two samples
  • Economical, Portable and easy to use
  • Color difference displayed Δ(L*,a*,b*), Δ(E*ab,
    C*ab, H*ab), Δ(Y, x, y), Δ(X, Y, Z), Δ(Rs, Gs, Bs) or
    Δ(WI, YI, Tw)
  • Color space displayed (L*, a*, b*), (L*, C*ab, hab),
    (Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z), (Rs, Gs, Bs) or (WI, YI, Tw)
  • Statistical function (Maximum, Minimum, Average and
    Standard Deviation)
  • Color difference tolerance set to perform PASS/WARN/FAIL
  • Store 9 color – difference target colors
  • User calibration function ensures higher accuracy
  • Auto memory (99 sets) & Read function
  • Auto Power off function
  • LCD backlight function
  • Mini-USB interface.
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Luminance Meter

Luminance Meter

  • Dual Display, 4-digit LCD reading.
  • Spectral Sensitivity close to CIE photopic Curve.
  • Measuring Levels Ranging: > 0.171 to 1999k cd/m², > 0.050 to 580.0k fL, Autoranging 7 step.
  • Accurate and Instant response.
  • Luminance ratio A/B, deviation %A, different B-A and peak luminance measurements.
  • User calibration factor and color-correction functions.
  • Accumulation luminance measurement.
  • Max/Min/AVG function.
  • Backlight LCD display.
  • Comparator function.
  • Data Hold function.
  • Data memory and read function.
  • Data logger function.
  • USB Interface.
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Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere

  • 500mm internal sphere (includes a lamp holder, baffles, and ports for photometers)
  • Light weight and easy move
  • As a light collector
  • As uniform light source
  • Luminance/Radiance calibration
  • Reflectance measurement (Color measurement Fluorescence spectroscopy)
  • Beam Power measurement (total power of a beam of optical radiation)
  • Lamp Flue measurement (total geometric luminous flux of a light source)
  • Laser Power measurement
  • IR Reflectance measurement
  • Irradiance measurement (Laser, LED, and Halogen lamps)
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Micro Noise Dosimeter    (Badge Type)
TES-660A /TES-660

Micro Noise Dosimeter (Badge Type)

  • No Mic. Extension Cable required.
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Calculates all the popular noise dose parameters  Wide dynamic range from 70 to a full 140dB
  • Measures simultaneously 3dB, 4dB, 5dB or 6dB exchange rates
  • Intrinsically safe (660A)
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Specification changes subject without notice.